Desk Mat

Upgrade the comfort and style of your desk with the Kinesis extra large, multipurpose desk mat. The perfect companion for any Kinesis keyboard. Dimensions: 800mm x 400mm x 5mm. five stars
SKU: MP8040



Extra Thick: 1/5″ (5mm)
Resting your hands and forearms on this desk mat feels great thanks to its thick, soft, smooth surface.

Huge surface area: 31.5″ (800 mm) by 15.75″ (400mm)
Plenty of room for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, tablet, and other accessories.

Protect your desk
Protect your glass or wooden desktop from scratches, scrapes, and spills.

Great for Mousing
Low-friction surface engineered specifically for speed and precision with both optical and laser mice.

Stylish Design
Matte black finish with Kinesis “K” logo in the corner.

Designed to last
Desk mat features a seamless, anti-fray, stitched border for enhanced durability.

Non-slip, rubber backing
This desk mat stays where you put it no matter what you put on it.

Perfect for Freestyle split keyboard users
Separate your Freestyle keyboard up to 16″ to make room in the middle for your mouse, 10-key, drawing tablet, touch pad, or any other peripherals you need close at hand.

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