Advantage360 Dvorak Keycap Set

All-new premium PBT keycap set featuring Dvorak legends designed to enhance the look, sound, and feel of your contoured keyboard. 92 key set.



Upgrade any contoured keyboard to the Dvorak layout with the Advantage360 Dvorak Keycap Set

  • Thick PBT plastic which better resists scratching and shine
  • Premium wire keycap puller with Advantage360 logo
  • 92 key set includes includes the 76 keys found on the Advantage360 plus a variety of extra 1u and 1.25u keycaps for customization
  • Compatible with all contour models (Legends are not shine-through so the backlighting found on the Advantage360 Pro will not be supported)

Get these keycaps installed on any 360

Build your own Signature Series

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