Freestyle2 Keyboard

The Keyboard That Adjusts to You!

Adjustable split boosts comfort and productivity for all body types

Adjustable Split

Separate the modules to shoulder-width to keep wrists straight. Choose 9″ or 20″ linking cable.

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Tenting accessories enable 5, 10, and 15 degrees to reduce forearm pronation caused by flat keyboards.

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Low Profile

Zero-degree slope and available cushioned palm supports eliminate wrist extension.

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Compact Design

Tenkeyless layout results in a smaller footprint for closer mouse placement. * PC USB includes embedded 10-key.

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Low Force Keys

Custom membrane key switches offer tactile feedback and 25% lower activation force than traditional keyboards.

8 Office Hotkeys

Boost productivity and eliminate awkward key combinations with convenient hotkeys for Windows or Mac.

Adjustable Splay

Connect the pivot tether to splay the key modules to achieve a neutral wrist angle to eliminate ulnar deviation.

Vertical Tenting

For individuals with special needs, the Ascent accessory supports tenting from 20 to 90 degrees.

Choose the configuration that’s right for you

  • Windows/PC or Mac
  • 9″ or 20″ Linking Cable
  • USB Wired or Bluetooth Wireless
  • US or 7 different European ISO layouts
  • Pre-assembled with tenting accessory

Available Pre-Assembled with Tenting Accessories

V3 Kit

  • Without Palm Supports
  • 5˚ / 10˚ / 15˚


VIP3 Kit

  • With Palm Supports
  • 5˚ / 10˚ / 15˚

Standard Layout. No Learning Curve.

Backed by Research and Testing

For 7 months the Atlas IPS firm conducted an independent study investigating the impact of the Freestyle keyboard’s unique split design on posture, comfort, and performance with 80 employees at a large U.S. software company.

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  • 100% were back to full productivity after a brief adaption period
  • 96% preferred the Freestyle over their conventional keyboard
  • 79% experienced a decrease in neck discomfort
  • 50% experienced a decrease in ulnar deviation

Freestyle2 Reviewed

Amazon Rating

“I sought out the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard because I was suffering from repetitive stress injury (“RSI”) and back / shoulder pain and I love it. While it may take a small amount of acclimation, it is absolutely worth it.”

– Julian H.  |  Software Developer –

“I type about a million words a year writing novels and the Freestyle2 keyboard is a vital part of protecting my wrists. It’s reliable, fun to use, and extremely responsive. I tried other ergonomic solutions like curved keyboards, but I really wanted something adjustable.”

– Rachel C.  |  Author –

“I love that the Freestyle2 can tent at various heights, and I can rotate the individual pieces of the keyboard as far as I want to get the most comfortable position for typing. It’s totally worth the price.”

– Seth B.  |  Digital Entrepreneur –

“Typing on the Freestyle2 feels more natural than a standard keyboard and it’s a great compliment to my standing desk. It took me no time at all to get acclimated. I would recommend the Freestyle2 to anyone who spends more than 3 hours a day on a computer.”

– Ario J.  |  Product Designer –


Operating System

Windows 7-11, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS & Chrome


Tenkeyless layout (PC USB version includes embedded 10-key) & 8 office hotkeys


15.4” (width) x 7.1” (depth) x 0.9” (height)

Package Contents

Keyboard, Quick Start Guide, (Bluetooth models include micro USB charging cable)

Key Switches

Low-Force membrane switches with tactile feedback



Which Kinesis keyboard is right for me?

All three Kinesis keyboards are backed by the same ergonomic design principles. Which one is right for you depends on several factors.

The Freestyle2 is our most popular ergonomic keyboard. It features a split-adjustable design and modular accessories to make it affordable and versatile. It comes in a variety of layouts (US and European), configurations (9″ and 20″ separation), connections (USB and Bluetooth wireless) and can even be ordered pre-assembled with our most popular tenting accessories.

The Advantage2 is our flagship keyboard and has been the choice of ergonomic enthusiasts for 25 years. If you need a powerful tool, and are willing to invest 2-3 weeks to learn the contoured layout, then it will reward you with incredible comfort and significant productivity boosts. The Advantage2 boasts mechanical switches, onboard programmability with our new SmartSet Engine, and its designed to work on all major operating systems.

The Freestyle Pro is our newest ergonomic keyboard. It takes our award-winning Freestyle split-adjustable design (and modular tenting accessories), and adds two premium features from the Advantage2: 1) the new SmartSet Programming Engine for powerful configurability and 2) Cherry  mechanical key switches for a premium typing feel and durability. The Freestyle Pro is a great choice for those looking to upgrade from a Freestyle2, or those not quite ready to make the leap to the Advantage2.

What's the point of a split keyboard?

Adjust the Freestyle2 to achieve a more natural typing posture

Unlike conventional one-piece keyboards and fixed-split keyboards, the user can separate or “splay” the key modules in a way that eliminates harmful bending of the wrists for their particular body type and typing posture. The split design can accommodate a wide range of body types from petite to large framed individuals.  Choose from the standard 9″ separation model or the extended 20″ separation model.

Learn more about Ulnar Deviation and other conventional keyboard risk factors

Should I get USB or Bluetooth?

If you don’t absolutely require a wireless connection, we recommend going with one of the USB models over Bluetooth. Not all PC computers come equipped with built-in bluetooth and even newer PCs frequently have trouble maintaining a steady connection with bluetooth-paired devices. Bluetooth connections are more reliable on Mac devices, but occassionally those connections can drop from time-to-time.

Reasons to get Bluetooth:

  • Sit-stand desks (cable management)
  • Shared workstations
  • Typing on tablets or smartphones that don’t support USB connections
  • Want to pair the keyboard with multiple devices and instantly switch between them
  • Working on-the-go
  • Prefer one-less cable cluttering your desk

The battery in Bluetooth model must be charged roughly every 4-6 months.

What is the adaptation time?

The Freestyle2 is easy to adapt to

The Freestyle2 features a conventional layout so the adaptation period is very minimal for touch-typists. We recommend starting with the key modules close together and the lowest tenting setting, and then working your way “out and up” until you find the optimal configuration for your body.

Don’t be discouraged if you find that it is taking you longer to adapt than you think it should. We encourage new users to consult the merchant’s return policy before purchasing and use the keyboard for the maximum allowable time before making a final decision (The Kinesis Store offers a 60-Day money back guarantee).

What kind of switches does the Freestyle2 use?

The Freestyle2 uses a custom membrane key switch

The Freestyle2 membrane key switches feature a low activation force and tactile feedback for maximum ergonomics.

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard, check out our Freestyle Pro and Advantage2 which feature your choice genuine Cherry MX Brown and Quiet Red mechanical switches.

Which tenting accessory should I get?

That depends on how high you want to tent and if you want palm supports

There are three Freestyle2 tenting accessories. Each accessory enhances the core feature set of the Freestyle2 and attaches easily to the underside of the key modules.

The V3 and VIP3 kits support tenting at 5˚, 10˚ and 15˚ which are the heights that offer the best balance of strain relief and typing posture. The VIP3 is more popular than the V3 because of the included palm supports and cushioned pads, but that’s a matter of personal preference. The Ascent kit supports more vertical tenting angles of 20˚ – 90˚ which most individuals find unnecessary.

Learn more about Forearm Pronation and other conventional keyboard risk factors


Why aren't the accessories included with the keyboard

The Freestyle2 is designed to be a fully modular solution for any individual. That means the user can pick and chose the accessories and configuration that works best for them, and not be stuck paying for parts they don’t need.

If you are worried about assembling the tenting accessories yourself, pre-assembled units are also available for purchase on the FS2 for PC or FS2 for Mac shop pages.


MSRP:  $99+



Refurbished Units: $55+



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