Foot Pedal Solutions

Office Ergonomics

Kinesis USB foot pedals are ideal for transferring work from over-used fingers and hands to the feet. Add a foot pedal to an employee’s Windows or Mac workstation to increase their comfort and boost productivity. Use the foot pedal in lieu of a keyboard or mouse to eliminate awkward key combinations, replace common text strings with one-touch macros, off-load mouse clicks, or replace a dedicated joystick in specialty applications. If your keyboard or mouse can do it, one of our foot pedals can, too!

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Data Entry | Multimedia Editing | Call Center | Programming | Word Processing | Transcription

OEM, Medical & Industrial Applications

In many clinical environments hands-free computer control is essential to an efficient workflow. Kinesis USB foot pedals can be connected to any desktop PC or free-standing diagnostic unit to provide foot-activated controls over any custom software application using keyboard commands, mouse clicks, or joystick actions. Kinesis pedals are an ETL recognized component for near-patient use in the US and Canada, and we can even waterproof and custom label them for you. Volume discounts are available.

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Ultrasound | MRI | Radiology | Pathology | Dentistry | Image Capture | Automation | Diagnostics | Industrial


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Extra long cable can connect to any PC with a full-size USB port.




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Heavy-Duty, Multi-Platform Design

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • No software or special drivers to install.
  • Choose from 1, 2, or 3 pedals. Add an extra-jack and connect a 4th pedal or hand-trigger.
  • Extra-long 9 foot USB cable for positioning the pedal remotely from your PC.
  • Heavy-duty design and no-slip steel base (dual and triple pedal models only).
  • IPX 8 waterproof versions available.
  • Optional factory programming.
  • Volume pricing.

No matter your application, we have a solution!

Choose from heavy-duty Dual or Triple pedal Foot Switches, or choose a Control Module with up to 4 jacks for pairing remotely located foot pedals or hand-triggers.

Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal Family

Perform any keyboard action or mouse click. Custom program yourself or have the factory do it.

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JSB Foot Pedal Family

Perform standard joystick button actions 1 through 4 (depending on number of pedals selected).

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