Advantage360 Keyboard

Invest in yourself!

Contoured design maximizes comfort and boosts productivity

Adjustable Split

Separate and rotate modules independently to keep wrists straight and reduce ulnar deviation.

3-Way Adjustable Tenting

Tenting elevates the thumb side of the hand to reduce forearm pronation caused by flat keyboards.

Integrated Palm Support

Palm supports and cushioned palm pads* promote neutral typing position to reduce wrist extension. *Sold separately

Compact Layout

Thanks to its tenkeyless layout, you can position your mouse to the side or in the middle for less “over-reach” strain.

Proven Contoured Shape

Hands and fingers are placed in a natural, relaxed position to shorten key-reach and reduce over-extension.

Signature Thumb Keys

Use stronger thumbs rather than weaker pinkies to access heavily used keys like Space, Backspace, and Enter.

Optional Fixed Split

Not ready for full adjustability? Attach the included bridge connector for the traditional Advantage separation.

Vertical Key Configuration

Unlike traditional staggered keyboards, the orthogonal layout mirrors the natural motion of your fingers.

Mechanical Switches

  • Durable: Rated for 50+ million key presses

  • Premium: Unmatched feel and performance

  • Ergonomic: Low-force and tactile

Choose your switch

Gateron Brown Stem

  • Low-Force (55g)
  • Full Travel
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Some Noise


Customize it!

We’ve partnered with Upgrade Keyboards to be the official after-market switch outfitter for the Advantage360. Purchase the keyboard through them and they’ll build it just for you.

Upgrade Keyboards

Coming Late 2022

Choose from three tenting heights with the click of a button

Bluetooth with the ZMK Engine

  • Multi-channel Bluetooth Low Energy (pair with 4 devices)
  • Wireless linking
  • Global white backlighting
  • Open-source ZMK platform for maximum customization
  • Configure layout using the web-based configurator on GitHub

Learn More about ZMK

USB-C with the SmartSet Engine

  • USB-C Linking (Detachable 10″ Cable)
  • Onboard storage for 9 programmable layouts
  • One-touch onboard remapping
  • Record on-the-fly macros
  • Access power-user tools via SmartSet App for Windows/Mac

What people are saying about original Advantage contoured keyboard

Amazon Rating

I would absolutely recommend the Kinesis Advantage. Not only has it alleviated the pain & numbness I had previously been experiencing, but I’m far more productive because of it. I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts and macros – the less I have to move my hand from my keyboard, the better.

– Jordan B.  |  Software Engineer –

A lot of keyboards offer at least some ergonomic features but I don’t know of any that put them all together in one unit the way the Advantage does.

– Avdi G.  |  Programmer –

My favorite feature of the Advantage keyboard is no longer experiencing hand pain with extensive typing. I also appreciate the ability to remap the keys, because some of the default key functions weren’t optimally positioned for me.

– Dachary C.  |  Writer –

How has the Kinesis Advantage changed my life? It has literally allowed me to stay in my career over the past 16-18 years.

– Preston D.  |  IT Consultant –


Operating System

Windows 7-10, Mac OS X, Linux, Android & Chrome


76 Key layout with thumb clusters

  • Function Keys reside in new “Fn” Layer
  • 10-Key resides in the traditional “Keypad” Layer


7.5” (width) x 8.0” (depth) x 3.0-4.0” (height)  *per side


3.2 lbs (Total weight of both modules)

Package Contents

Keyboard, Bridge Connector, 11 Additional Keycaps, Keycap Puller, and Quick Start Guide

  • Advantage 360: USB-C Main Cable & Link Cable
  • Advantage 360 Pro: USB-C Charging Cable (x2)

Key Switches

Low-Force Mechanical Brown Switches (Gateron KS-9)

Fully Programmable

Advantage 360: Onboard Macros/Remaps and the SmartSet App

Advantage 360 Pro: Web-based configurator on GitHub


Advantage 360: None

Advantage 360 Pro: Global White


Advantage 360: Dye-sublimation PBT

Advantage 360 Pro: Shine-through ABS (not pictured here)


Advantage 360: USB-C

Advantage 360 Pro: Bluetooth or USB-C


Advantage 360: 10″ USB-C cable included

Advantage 360 Pro: Bluetooth

New Pinky Keys

Use either of the two new pinky keys to shift to the new Fn layer for access to the Function Keys. Or re-assign a different action.

New Hot Keys

Use the four new hot keys for any custom actions or macros. Plus you get a full-size Keypad key and programming key.


I pre-ordered on Drop, when will I get my keyboard

Update: The March Covid-lockdowns in China have affected several of our suppliers and we are now planning to being able to ship the keyboards to Drop towards the middle of July. Thanks for your understanding.

Long Version: To pull this off there are a lot of threads that have to come together: Firmware (x2), Software (x2), Tooling, Components (x2), Staffing, Compliance (x2), Packaging, Overseas Freight. If there is a hiccup in just one of those things then that can delay the whole timeline. As you may know these keyboards are hand-built in the US by our small team of experience technicians. They don’t just roll off an assembly line in China. And the Advantage360 is using 100% new parts as compared to the Advantage2 so this is no small undertaking for a company of our size (15 people). We are committed to delivering each of you with an incredible product and we’ll do our very best to deliver as soon as possible.

I have some questions about the Drop pre-order?

First off, please accept our sincere apologies over the confusion with the start time. We feel terrible that the pre-order page was opened early and people were left scrambling. The demand for the Advantage360 greatly outpaced our projections and as a result the pre-order was closed after we sold 450 units in 30 minutes.

Things didn’t go perfectly on Drop but rest assured they would have been worse had we tried to support this volume of visits/orders on our modest Word Press/Woo Commerce store. We weren’t able to meet 100% of the demand but it seems the majority of folks who wanted to participate in the pre-order were able to do so. For those that missed out, for whatever reason, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

If you have a question about your pre-order, contact Drop. They took your order and charged your credit card and ultimately they will tell Kinesis which products you wanted. Unfortunately, Drop is not able to modify an order so you have the choice to receive the keyboard as configured, or cancel the order with Drop. If you bought the wrong keycaps, you can purchase the set you want directly from the Kinesis Store when the pre-order keyboards ship

If you were not able to purchase palm pads due to the initial Drop glitch, please email with a proof of purchase and we’ll provide you with a coupon code when the pre-order keyboards ship.

View the Drop Discussion

I missed the pre-order, what are my options?

There are no current plans to run another “drop”

Our plans are to release the Advantage360 for retail purchase late in the summer of 2022. So the best thing to do is to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and hang tight.

How many layers does the 360 have?

You guys asked for more layers, so that’s what you get

The 360 features 3 defaults layers: The Top layer which has all your alphanumerics and other commonly used keys, the Keypad layer (“KP”) for your 10-key, and the new Fn1 layer which has your 12 function keys. By default you access the Keypad layer by toggling in and out of the layer via the new full-size “KP”. By default the Function Layer is accessed with the new momentary Fn keys under your pinkies. But you can reprogram any of the keys to act as a layer shift or toggle to suit your workflow. And there are two additional layers (Fn2 and Fn3) that are fully programmable and can be accessed however you want.

Missing an action? Not to worry, you can insert just about any keyboard action on any key using the Smartset App (Windows/Mac) or via simple text just like on the Advantage2.

Should I get an Advantage2 now or wait for the 360 this summer?

That depends…

The Advantage360 is an incredibly powerful keyboard and will be superior to the Advantage2 in just about everyway. But if you don’t care about adjustable separation or tenting, or you are in pain now, it probably doesn’t make sense to wait.



Should I get the Professional model, or the base model?

Yes… maybe… probably…

The Pro model has a number of advantages over the base 360 model, namely optional Bluetooth, wireless linking, and backlighting.  If any of those features are important to you than the Pro is a no brainer. Over the years our users have clamoured for an open-source option for their Advantage so for those folks the Pro will be a welcome sight.

But we call it the “Professional” version for a reason, open-source has powerful tools but its not as user-friendly as SmartSet. If you prefer to use onboard programming, which is a hallmark of Kinesis’s SmartSet Engine, you’ll want to stick with the base model.

What's the difference between the keycaps

This one is easy…

Dye-Sublimation PBT: These are premium keycaps that are resistant to sheen and and fade. They come standard on the base 360.

Shine-Through ABS: The Pro model features white backlighting so to support working in a low-light environment these keycaps are used so the legends illuminate.

The Dye-Sub PBT keycaps can be purchased separately as a 92pc set and installed on the Pro model if you don’t plan to use the backlighting. You’ll have a choice of Dvorak or QWERTY legends and we are working on a blank set as well.

How long with the Pro batteries last?

The Pro model features dual 1500 MAH, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries

If you are using the keyboard with the backlighting on (a major power drain) the batteries should last for a full work day. If you have the backlighting turned off, you should be able to go several months between charges.

The Pro has a 30 second timer so if you step away for your keyboard for a moment it will go to sleep to preserve battery life but wake up quickly when you return. And there is a handy on/off switch if you are travelling with your keyboard or want to ensure that it goes into deep sleep for maximum power conservation.

Do I have to use the Bridge Connector?


We designed the Advantage 360 specifically to be used as a fully separable keyboard for maximum ergonomic benefits. We suspect most people will chuck the bridge in the garbage and never give it another thought.

However, we know there are many long-time contoured keyboards users who want the new features but aren’t ready to make the jump to a split keyboard. We engineered the bridge to quickly snap into place to recreate the classic separation found on earlier one piece models.

Is the Advantage360 hot-swappable?

Unfortunately, no.

We tried to make this happen but the switch sockets just aren’t reliable enough when mounted to the curved keywell circuit boards. Sockets were meant to mount to flat keyboards so it would have caused too many reliability issues. But that’s why we partnered with Upgrade Keyboards so you can eventually get the 360 built with exactly the switches YOU want.

Can I use the Pro model over USB?

Yes, but there is a major “but”…

When the left module is plugged into a PC it sends keystrokes over USB, not bluetooth. However, the left and right sides always communicate wirelessly. You can plug the right module into a PC, but it is not designed to send keystrokes at this time, just charge the battery.

Each module only has a single port as the traditional link cable location has been repurposed for an on/off switch.


Thank you to those who participated in the pre-order on (it sold out in 28 minutes!).

The Advantage360 will have a world-wide retail launch in the Summer of 2022. Please stay tuned for more information.


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