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Conventional Keyboard Risk Factors

Conventional keyboards are not designed to work with the human body. They force typists into unnatural typing postures that create unnecessary strain on the hands, arms, and shoulders. Entry level ergonomic keyboards are an improvement, but they are designed for the 50th percentile body type.

Ulnar Deviation

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Forearm Pronation

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Wrist Extension

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Mouse Overreach

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Key Force & Impact

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The Freestyle Adjusts to Your Body

With its unique split-adjustable design and modular accessories, the Freestyle can adapt to everyone in your work force to specifically address all of the major keyboarding risk factors. Keep workers happy, healthy, and productive with the award-winning choice of Fortune 500 companies everywhere.

Eliminate Deviation

Split or splay the two key modules to keep wrists at a neutral angle

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Reduce Pronation

Attach tenting accessories to elevate thumbs and reduce forearm pronation

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Support Wrists

Zero-degree slope and available palm supports keep wrists supported

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Position Mouse Closer

Tenkeyless design positions the mouse in front of the shoulder for less arm strain

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Reduce Impact

Low-force, full-travel key switches reduce finger-tip impact, force and fatigue

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Standardize on one keyboard that can work for every employee

  • Adjustable Separation- up to 20 inches

  • Dedicated Mac and PC models

  • USB or Wireless Bluetooth Connection

  • Familiar layout means no learning curve

  • Adjustability is perfect for shared work stations

  • Ideal for a mobile workforce- just fold and go

  • Quiet mechanical or membrane key switches

  • Modular accessories- only pay for the features the employee needs

For seven months Atlas IPS conducted an independent study investigating the impact of the Freestyle keyboard’s
unique split design on posture, comfort, and performance with 80 employees at a large U.S. software company.
The conclusion was that the Freestyle benefits both employees with and without RSI symptoms.


Prefer a split typing configuration compared to splay


Experienced a decrease in ulnar deviation


Experienced a decrease in neck discomfort


Returned to full productivity after a brief adaption period

Which Freestyle is right for your team?


Starting at $99

  • Membrane Key Switches
  • Pre-assembled Tented Units
  • Separate PC & Mac Models
  • 9″ or 20″ Linking Cable
  • USB or Bluetooth Connection

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Starting at $179

  • Premium Mechanical Key Switches
  • Fully Programmable
  • PC & Mac Switchable
  • 20″ Linking Cable Standard
  • USB Connection

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Corporate Demo Program

Qualifying health and safety professionals can receive a free Freestyle keyboard for workstation assessments

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Innovators in Computer Ergonomics

Give people great tools and they do great work.

Since 1992, Kinesis has been recognized as the leader in computer ergonomics. All of our products are designed to work in conjunction with the human body to enhance comfort and boost productivity.

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  • Designed in the USA
  • Backed by extensive research and testing
  • Designed for humans, by humans
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