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Kinesis Foot Pedal Overview

Kinesis foot pedals are designed to act as a hands-free keyboard in various home and office environments. Pedals can be configured up to three foot switch inputs, an optional steel base, and an optional jack for connecting an additional pedal or a hand-trigger. Kinesis manufactures and sells two different families of USB foot switches (Savant Elite2 and JSB) which support different types outputs

Savant Elite2 Family: The Savant Elite2 family of foot pedals are incredibly versatile. They can send almost any keyboard action, mouse-click, or key stroke sequence (“macro”) to your PC. The Savant Elite2 is designed to be easy to user-prograrm on Windows, Mac or Linux systems, or we can custom program it to your exact OEM specifications.

JSB Family: The JSB family of foot pedals sends standard joystick button actions to your PC which are designed to work with specific “legacy” 3rd party software packages  The JSB family of pedals is not programmable.

European and UK Declarations of Conformity

Savant Elite2 CE (Version 12.4.23)

Savant Elite2 UKCA (Version 12.4.23)

JSB CE (Version 12.12.23)

JSB UKCA (Version 12.13.23)

*Test reports available upon request

RoHS and Reach Declarations of Conformity

RoHS3 Savant Elite & JSB-May 31, 2024

Reach Savant Elite & JSB-May 31, 2024

Both SE2 and JSB Families are an ETL Recognized Component in US & Canada


  • UL 60601-1, First Edition, 2003 Issued: 2006/04/26 Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 1: General Requirements for Safety
  • CSA C22.2#601.1 Issued: 1990/01/01 (R2005) Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 1: General Requirements for Safety General Instruction No. 1: 1990, Supplement 1: 1994, Amendment 2: 1998; General Instruction No. 2: 2003

ETL Report

ETL Declaration of Conformity

ETL Authorization to Mark

* The above certifications apply only to fully-assembled foot pedal products, PCBs and cables sold seperately cannot be certified.

Example Product Labels


FS32AJ Product Label

FS32AJ Box Label

Savant Elite2

FP30A Product Label

FP30A Box Label

Savant Elite2 with optional IPX8 Waterproofing Labels

FP30A-IPX8 Product Label

FP30A-IPX8 Box Label

**Kinesis foot pedals are not intended or rated for any applications or markets not explicitly documented on this page. Kinesis will endeavor to maintain this page regularly.


Supplemental Information

Kinesis Conflict Mineral Statement

Standard Terms and Conditions (version 1.0.1)

Kinesis Letter of Volatility

Savant Elite2 Manual and Support Page

JSB Manual and Support Page

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine whether the documents on this page are sufficient for purchaser’s intended markets or applications etc. Please contact with any questions.


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