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Are there special drivers for the Savant Elite2 foot pedal?

No. Savant Elite2 pedal use generic HID drivers found on all computers.

How do I program custom pedal actions?

Windows and Mac users can download the SmartSet App for their respective O/S and program the pedals using a convenient graphical application.

Alternatively, users can directly program the pedal by using a specialized syntax in simple text files which are saved to the pedals virtual flash drive. Consult the user’s manual for detailed programming instructions.

Do I have to reprogram the pedal when I move it to a different computer?

No, all custom programming is saved directly to the pedal.


If your Savant Elite is not working as expected, reference the FAQs above and the Troubleshooting Tips at right. If you still need help, use the link at the bottom of the page to submit a Trouble Ticket.


Custom programming keyboard and mouse actions

Savant Elite2 foot switches are factory programmed to perform basic mouse-clicks (specific mouse-clicks depends on which version you have- consult the Quick Start Guides above). If you would like to custom program your pedal to work with a specific software application, you will need to assign a custom action to each of the individual foot pedals.

The Savant Elite2 is capable of performing any single key action, key combination, or key sequence (i.e., a macro). Before programming your foot pedal, you must access your target software application and determine what keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys the software responds to. Savant Elite2 foot switches are designed to emulate a keyboard so if your software doesn’t respond to pre-defined keyboard hotkeys, then the Savant Elite2 is not the right solution.

Once you have determine which keyboard actions you would like your Savant Elite2 to emulate, you can program the pedals using the convenient SmartSet App. Windows and Mac versions of the App are installed on each Savant Elite2 and are run directly from the foot switch, they do not need to be installed on your computer. Consult the Quick Start Guides above for detailed programming instructions.

If for some reason you are not able to program the pedal using the SmartSet App “GUI”, you can directly program the pedal by directly editing the configuration files saved to the pedal. Consult the User’s Manual above for detailed information on “Direct Editing”.

Accessing SmartSet App

Windows and Mac versions of the SmartSet App are pre-loaded onto the “v-Drive” each Savant Elite2 foot switch. To access the Apps you must place the foot switch into programming mode to present the v-Drive to your PC.  Consult the Quick Start Guides above or the SmartSet Section below for detailed instructions.

Programming the pedal without using the SmartSet App

If for some reason you are not able to program the pedal using the SmartSet App “GUI”, you can directly program the pedal by directly editing the configuration files saved to the pedal. Consult the User’s Manual above for detailed information on “Direct Editing”.

Repairing/Reformating the v-Drive

If the pedals.txt configuration file on your Savant Elite2 foot switch becomes corrupted or you experience other errors, it may be necessary to reformat the foot switch to erase problematic files and restore it to original working condition.

Reformating the v-Drive

Connect the foot switch to a Windows PC and enable programming mode to open the v-Drive (“KINESIS FP”). Copy all of the contents of your v-drive active folder (excluding any corrupted files) and firmware folder to your PC desktop before formatting. Then right-click on the “KINESIS FP” drive and click “Format” on the drop down list.

Replug your SE2 foot switch after formatting and the “active” folder (and the “firmware” folder for newer versions) and the pedals.txt will be regenerated.  The actions in the new “pedals.txt” will not any custom programming you have performed. You will need to re-program those actions or copy/paste another pedals.txt file into the active folder to replace the regenerated file with the factory-default actions. Use the links below to download the appropriate SE2 SmartSet App and help file and copy them to the top level of the v-drive.

SmartSet App

Savant Elite2 SmartSet App       

The SmartSet App offers a convenient graphical interface for programming your Savant Elite foot pedal or control module. Windows and Mac versions of the App are pre-loaded on the each device’s “v-Drive” and never get installed on your PC.

Accessing the SmartSet App

To access the SmartSet App, flip the device over and toggle the switch from “Play” mode to “Program” mode. When the device is in Program mode it will present itself to your PC as a removable drive “KINESIS FP”. Locate the KINESIS FP drive in File Explorer/Finder and launch the appropriate version of the SmartSet App.  When you have completed programming, save your changes, close the App, and then flip the switch back to Play mode to implement the new settings and use the pedal.

SmartSet App Programming Guide & Help File

Need to Reinstall the Apps on your Foot Switch

Download the appropriate version of the App below, unzip the files, and copy/paste to the v-Drive. *Mac users should launch the App from their desktop once before pasting it to the v-Drive.

SmartSet App for Mac (version 1.1.1)

SmartSet App for Windows (version 1.0.8)

SmartSet App Tutorial Videos

Firmware Updates

Updating the firmware on your Savant Elite2 foot pedal is a quick and easy process. Open the instructions below and download the firmware update file at right to get started.

Savant Elite2 Firmware Update Instructions

Savant Elite2 Firmware

Version 1.1.33 (4MB)

New Features:

  • Decreased debounce time from 50ms to 10ms which can improve performance of rapid pedal clicks or double mouse-click actions.
  • Added support for F13-F24 keys



All Savant Elite foot switches are backed by a TWO YEAR limited warranty

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