Congratulations on your new Advantage360 Professional!


This guide will help you get up and running on the Advantage360 Pro. Most individuals take 1-2 weeks to get back up to full typing speed, but your results may vary. Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with enhanced comfort and productivity.


Model: KB360-PRO-GBR

What's in the Box

Advantage360 Pro keyboard

USB A-C Main Cable (qty 2)

Bridge Connector

Keycap Puller

16 Extra Keycaps including
(4) Mac

Connecting your Advantage360 Pro


The Advantage360 Pro keyboard is a multimedia USB keyboard that uses generic drivers provided by the operating system, so no special drivers or software are required. To connect the keyboard wirelessly you will need a Bluetooth enabled PC or a Bluetooth dongle for your PC (sold separately).

Choice of USB or Bluetooth

The 360 Pro is optimized for wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (“BLE”) but it can be used via USB. However, the left and right modules will always communicate with each other wirelessly, wired-linking is not supported.

Note: Always power-on the left module first, then the right module to allow the modules to sync with each other. If the right side is flashing red, power-cycle both modules to re-establish the connection between them.

Recharging the Battery

The keyboard ships from the factory with only a partially charged battery. We recommend plugging both modules in to your PC to charge them fully when you first receive the keyboard. Refer to Section 5.6 of the User Manual for more information on the battery level of each module.
ADV360 Battery Charging

USB Mode

To use the keyboard over USB, simply connect the left module to a full-size USB 2.0 port using one of the included charging cables. To power the right module you can either 1) toggle the On/Off switch to the “On” position and use battery power, or 2) connect the right module to a USB 2.0 port and use “shore”power. Note that if you choose not to connect the right module you will need to charge it eventually.
ADV360 USB Mode

Bluetooth Pairing

The Pro can be paired with up to 5 Bluetooth enabled devices. Each Profile is color coded for easy reference (refer to Section 5.5 of the User Manual). The keyboard defaults to Profile 1 (“White”). The Profile LED will flash rapidly to signal it is ready to be paired.

  1. Use the battery switch to power-on the left module
  2. Wait 5 seconds, then use the battery switch to power-on the right module.
  3. Confirm the White Profile LED is flashing fast
  4. Navigate to your device’s Bluetooth menu and select the “Adv360 Pro” from the list. Then follow the
    prompts on the device to pair the keyboard. The keyboard’s Profile LED will change to “solid” white
    when the keyboard has successfully paired.

Pairing with additional devices
1) Hold the Mod key and tap 2-5 (2-Blue, 3-Red, 4-Green, 5-Off) to toggle to a different Profile
2) The Profile LED will change color and flash rapidly to indicate the keyboard is now discoverable
3) Navigate to the new PC’s Bluetooth menu and select “Adv360 Pro” to pair this channel (Repeat)

Mac/Linux/Dvorak Mode

The Advantage360 does not support legacy Quick Config Modes for Mac, Linux or Dvorak. Power users are invited to built their own custom layouts, but for casual users who just want to access the “old” configurations, we have built some downloadable layouts you can install without having to set up your GitHub account. Follow the link below to download the files, and then flash them on to your keyboard

Legacy Quick Config Firmware


Advantage360 Bridge Connector

If you aren’t ready for full separation snap the included Bridge Connector into the base to recreate the separation of the one-piece contoured keyboard. Note: The Bridge Connector is NOT designed to bear the weight of the keyboard, rather it’s a simple spacer for desktop use. Therefore, do not pick the keyboard up by one module with the Bridge attached.


Installing Optional Palm Pads

Palm Pads

Purchase the optional palm pads for added support and enhanced comfort. The thick cushioned foam pad instantly and properly positions itself with the magnetic attachment.

Get to know your Advantage360 Pro

Intuitive design makes adaptation easy

The Advantage360 may look very different than other keyboards, but you’ll find that making the transition is quite easy. Thanks to its adjustable separation, contoured keywells, unique thumb clusters, and 3-way integrated tenting, the Advantage360 keeps your hands in the optimal typing position.

If you are already a touch typist, adapting to the Advantage360 does not require “re-learning” to type. Simply position your fingers on the sculpted home row and relax your right thumb over Space and your left thumb over Backspace. Raise your palms slightly above the palm rests while typing.

Studies show that most new users are productive (i.e., 80% of full speed) within the first few hours. Full speed is typically achieved gradually within 3-5 days but can take up to 1-2 weeks with some users for a few keys. We recommend not switching back to a traditional keyboard during this initial transition period as that can slow your adaptation.

Additional Ergonomic Resources

Not a cure for pre-existing injuries

If you currently have an injury to your hands or arms, or have had such an injury in the past, it is important that you have realistic expectations of your keyboard. The unique contoured shape of the Advantage360 is intended to reduce the physical stress that all keyboard users experience, but ergonomic keyboards are not medical treatments, and no keyboard can be guaranteed to cure symptoms or prevent injuries.

Your physical trauma has built up over months or years, and it may take weeks before you notice a difference. It is normal to feel some new fatigue or discomfort as you adapt to your Kinesis keyboard.

Always consult your health care professional if you notice discomfort or other physical problems when you use your computer. If any information provided by Kinesis contradicts the advice you have received from a health care professional, please follow your health care professional’s instructions.

Conventional Keyboard Risk Factors

Getting started with tenting & separation

For best results, start at the lowest tenting height and work your way up until you find the sweet spot for. The same goes with separation, start with the 2 modules close together and gradually separate them until you’re wrists are straight.

Adjusting Tenting and Separation

Learn More About Reducing Ulnar Deviation & Pronation

Keyboard Ergonomic Risk Factors

You're Ready to Type!


Familiarize yourself with the basic layout of the Advantage360 Pro. You’ll notice that the editing keys have been move to the left and right thumb clusters. This redistributes workload mover evenly among all your fingers and eliminates extending to these standard key locations. The alphanumeric keys are exactly where you would expect to find them.

The Advantage360 Pro features an ortholinear key configuration (as opposed to staggered), meaning that all the keys arranged into vertical columns. This arrangement may feel unfamiliar at first, but it mirrors your natural finger motion for maximum ergonomics.

Three Default Layers

Each key can perform multiple actions depending on which “layer”is active on the keyboard. The layer LEDs will illuminate when you move away from the base layer. By default, most keys perform the same action in all three layers. If a key performs multiple actions, the keycap will feature a second and/or third legend on its front face.

1) Base Layer: In the base layer, each key performs its primary action, which is legended on the top of the keycap.

2) kp Layer: Tap the “kp” key on the left module to access the kp (keypad) layer, and tap it again to return to the base layer. Kp layer actions are legended on the lower right corner of the keycap.

3) fn Layer: Press and hold either of the “fn” keys with your pinky to temporarily access the fn layer, and release to return to the base layer. Fn layer actions are legended on the lower left corner of the of the keycap. *Note: Num Lock must be enabled on PC’s to get 10-key actions.


Kinesis recommends starting with the Advantage360 Pro during a period when you are not under a lot of work related stress. Trying to learn a new keyboard layout can be frustrating, and if you are under a deadline that can make matters worse. However, most people find it’s quite intuitive and not as daunting of a task as they initially thought.

Do not overtax yourself early on, and if necessary try using an online typing tutorial program for some low-pressure practice.

Zombie Typocalypse

Coding Tutorial

Quick Troubleshooting

  • Right side flashing red: When the right module flashes red, it means the left and right sides have lost “sync”. This is typically a short-term problem and can be resolved by power-cycling both modules. If that doesn’t work, it may be necessary to perform a Settings Reset and flash new firmware.
  • If the wireless connection between your PC and keyboard is lost, first trying power-cycling both the PC and keyboard. If that doesn’t work, we recommend re-pairing the keyboard from scratch. First erase the connection on the keyboard with the Command Mod+Windows, and then erasing the connection the PC from your PC’s Bluetooth device menu, THEN re-pair the keyboard.
More Troubleshooting Tips

Customizing your Layout

Open-Source Programmability via ZMK

Kinesis contoured keyboards have long featured a fully-programmable architecture that allowed users to create macros and custom layouts and the Advantage360 Professional is no exception. Based on popular demand from power users, we built the Pro model using the revolutionary open-source ZMK engine whichwas specifically designed to support Bluetooth and wireless linking of split keyboard. The beauty of opensourceis that the electronics grow and adapt over time based on user contributions. We hope that YOU will become a member of ZMK community and help take this technology to new and exciting places.

What’s different about ZMK

Unlike prior versions of the Advantage, ZMK does not support onboard recording of macros or remapping. Those actions take place through the 3rd party site where users can write macros, customize layouts, add new layers and much more. Once you’ve built your custom layout you simply download the firmware files for each module (left and right) and “install” them on the keyboard’s flash memory. ZMK does support a variety of “other” onboard programming commands which are accessed using the dedicated “Mod” key found on the right module.

Custom Programming via GitHub

Custom Programming

To get started programming your Advantage360 Pro you’ll need to set up an account with GitHub, a 3rd party open-source hosting site.

  1. Set up a new account or log in.
  2. Search for the official “Adv360-Pro-ZMK” Repository and “Fork” it.
  3. Enable “Workflows” from the “Actions” tab.
  4. From the “config” folder in the “Code” tab, you customize your keyboard by editing the various configuration files. Consult the User Manual above for step-by-step instructions and proceed with caution.
    1. Customize Layout: “adv360.keymap”
    2. Write/Edit Macros: “macros.dtsi”
    3. Adjust Lighting: “adv360_left_deconfig” and “adv360_right_deconfig”(>boards/arm/adv360)
  5. Once you are finished editing, click “Commit Changes” to trigger a build, download the new firmware files from the Actions tab, and flash them to your keyboard.

Graphical Keymap Editor

The Advantage360 Pro GUI leverages an open-source, web-based application designed by Nick Coutsos. Add layers, customize actions, and configure basic macros. Log in to GitHub, choose your Repo and Branch and customize away. Commit your changes and then follow the instructions below to flash your new firmware.

Adv360 Pro GUI

Visit the Pro GUI

Note: Not all features may be supported in the GUI.



How do I get a non-US Layout on the 360 ?

At this time the Advantage360 is only being sold in a US-QWERTY configuration. For our international customers it should be a relatively simple matter to re-program certain keys on either the SmartSet or Pro model to obtain a QWERTZ or AZERTY etc layout with some experimentation on the user’s part.

If you want to install matching keycaps we recommend contacting Kinesis or your local reseller about the Advantage2 International Keycap sets shown below (MSRP: $39 USD). These keycaps sets can be paired with the 8 new keycaps on the 360 to complete a full, mostly-matching set.

French (Part Number: KC023FR-blk)

German (Part Number: KC023DE-blk)

Scandinavian (Part Number: KC023SE-blk)

UK (Part Number: KC023UK-blk)

How long does it take to adapt to the Advantage360?

Adaptation is faster than you might think

You will need a little time to adjust to the shape of the Advantage360 keyboard. Laboratory studies and many years of experience show that most touch typists are productive (approximately 80% of full typing speed) within the first few hours. Full typing speed (or greater) is typically achieved gradually over 3-5 days. Full adaptation to editing and navigation keys may take 1-2 weeks.

After that, most users will see a jump in their average typing speed due to greater comfort and the optimized key layout of the keyboard. And remember, every key on the Advantage2 is programmable so feel free to move keys around to suit your workflow.

Don’t be discouraged if you find that it is taking you longer to adapt than you think it should. We encourage new users to consult the merchant’s return policy before purchasing and use the keyboard for the maximum allowable time before making a final decision (The Kinesis Store offers a 60-Day money back guarantee).

For those people that use the keyboard for a full 30 days, we find that there is a very low rejection rate. The Kinesis contoured design has been beloved by typists and programmers for over 25 years and once you make the switch, you’ll never want to type on another keyboard again.

How many layers does the 360 have?

You guys asked for more layers, so that’s what you get

Both 360 models have 3 default layers easily accessible from the factory:

  1. The Top layer which has all your alphanumerics and other commonly used keys,
  2. The Keypad layer for your 10-key. Tap the “KP” to toggle in and out of the Keypad layer.
  3. The new Fn layer which has your 12 function keys. Hold either of the new “Fn” keys to shift in and out of the Fn layer.

Both keyboards support moving the layer-access keys and changing their behavior (shift or toggle) to make navigating layers a breeze!

Need more layers?

For the Pro version: Add dozens more using the GitHub GUI

Will I still be able to use a "normal" keyboard?

Yes… but you won’t want to!

Because the muscle-memory you develop for the Advantage360 keyboard is so unique, most users have no problem using conventional keyboards when forced to do so. It’s not uncommon for Advantage360 users to purchase a keyboard for each of their workstations and even pack it for travel so that they are always able to enjoy the comfort of the contoured shape.

Do I have to use the Bridge Connector?


We designed the Advantage 360 specifically to be used as a fully separable keyboard for maximum ergonomic benefits. We expect most people will enjoy adjusting the separation of the modules to suit their exact preferences, but the included bridge connector can be used to recreate the classic separation found on earlier one piece models.

What happened to Mac, PC and Dvorak mode?

They are gone, but…

SmartSet Model: To simplify things for the vast majority of users we eliminated Thumb Key Modes and Dvorak Mode. On the base model keyboard with the SmartSet Engine, you have 9 fully-programmable Profiles and you can individually remap the thumb keys to whichever modifiers you like (Extra Mac keycaps are still included) or you can use the SmartSet App to choose from Mac and Linux “Quick Thumb Keys”.

Dvorak (and Colemak, and Workman) users will want to use the Alternate Layouts option in the SmartSet App to quickly reconfigure any of the 5 layers for non-QWERTY. Further customization can be made from there.

Is the Advantage360 hot-swappable?

Unfortunately, no.

We tried to make this happen but the switch sockets just aren’t reliable enough when mounted to the curved keywell circuit boards. Sockets were meant to mount to flat keyboards so it would have caused too many reliability issues. But that’s why we partnered with Upgrade Keyboards so you can eventually get a 360 Signature Series built with exactly the switches YOU want.

Order a custom Advantage360[\button]

Kinesis Advantage 360 split keyboard. Photo by Alabastro Photography.

How do I access the 10-Key?

To keep the footprint of the Advantage360 as small as possible, we have relocated the standard numeric 10-key into the embedded “Kp” layer. To access these actions simply tap the “Kp” key o toggle to the keypad layer. *Note: Num-lock must be enabled on your PC.

For users that extensively use a 10-key we recommend purchasing a Advantage360 single action foot pedal to toggle between the keypad and alphanumeric layer. You’ll find it much more efficient because it eliminates having to reach for the Keypad key.

Does the Pro have all the newest ZMK features?

That depends

Since we started building the Pro 360 firmware the ZMK team has made some exciting new advances in the core firmware. In October 2022 we released a V2.0 firmware update that incorporates all the latest ZMK features at that time. If you purchased your Advantage360 Pro before that you can get access to V2.0 from GitHub.

We are currently beta testing a newer 3.0 version based on the Zephyr 3.2 update.

How long will the Pro batteries last?

The Pro model features dual 1500 MAH, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries

If you are using the keyboard with the backlighting on (a major power drain) the batteries should last for a full work day or two. If you have the backlighting turned off, you should be able to go several months on a full charge.

The Pro has a 30 second timer so if you step away from your keyboard for a moment it will go to sleep to preserve battery life, but wake up quickly when you return. And there is a handy on/off switch if you are travelling with your keyboard or want to ensure that it goes into deep sleep for maximum power conservation.

For extended battery life, make sure you are running the V2.0 Firmware or later (available on GitHub).

Can I use the Pro model over USB?

Yes, but there is a major “but”…

When the left module is plugged into a PC it sends keystrokes over USB, not bluetooth. However, the left and right sides always communicate wirelessly. You can plug the right module into a PC, but it is not designed to send keystrokes at this time, just charge the battery.

Each module only has a single port as the traditional link cable location has been repurposed for an on/off switch.


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