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GitHub Merge Conflicts: Migrating a custom layout from Firmware branch 2.0 to 3.0

An unfortunate short-term drawback to releasing new firmware is that sometimes “breaking changes” are introduced which will require users to rebuild custom layouts on the new branch. We know how frustrating this is so we do our best to minimize those types of updates. The last V2.0 update and the new V3.0 branch have introduced changes into the keymap files that causes merge conflicts for people updating with custom keymaps.

Learn how best to manage merge conflicts here:

How do I set the default Profile on my keyboard?

The default Profile is stored any time the keyboard goes to sleep after the default 30 second timeout. To change the default Profile, simply used the command Mod + 1-5 to toggle to the desired Profile and then let the keyboard go to sleep naturally (do not power it down).

How should I charge my keyboard?

Charging and Safety

For best results connect the keyboard modules directly to a USB-A port on your PC. Do not connect them to a wall-charger, power-brick, or monitor port. Those charging methods can damage the battery, void your warranty, and potentially render the keyboard unsafe.

Battery Life

Battery usage will vary from user-to-user and will depend greatly on your settings.  To extend your battery life try dimming the backlighting using the command Mod + Down Arrow, or turn off the backlighting completely using the command Mod + Enter. The battery is only rated for a given number of charge cycles so we recommend charging the battery only when necessary to maximize its life span.

To check the current battery charge level, use the command Mod + Hotkey 4 and the indicator LEDs will display the status of each battery (Note: It is normal for the left side to need more frequent recharging)

  • Green: More than 80%
  • Yellow: 51-79%
  • Orange: 21-50%
  • Red: Less than 20% (Charge soon)

Note: Windows 11 battery level functionality is not currently supported.

Replacing the battery

We recommend replacing your battery every three years for maximum safety and performance. Please read section 8.5 of the User Manual above for detailed information on battery specs, safety, performance.

Battery end of life

All Lithium-Ion batteries like those used in the Advantage360 Pro eventually reach their end of life. The battery will stop holding a charge and it may even expand and press the keyboard case apart. If you notice that your battery is expanding, please stop using the keyboard, turn the power switch off and contact Kinesis immediately.

Which branch should I run?

We recommend always using the latest branch (i.e., the highest number). Periodically we will introduce a new “beta” branch which may have experimental features. Once those features are field-tested we will incorporated them into the main branch.

For more information on branches and a full changelog, you can read more here:

What kind of batteries does the keyboard use?

The Advantage360 Pro uses a custom, rechargeable lithium-ion 1500 mAh battery. Just connect each module to your PC using the included charging cables. A full charge should take 6-8 hours and when the keyboard is connected to a power source it will run off of USB power. The batteries are designed to last for 3+ years depending on how often they are charged. Like all batteries their max capacity will wear down over time. We plan to offer OEM replacement batteries for sale down the road.

How do I switch between Windows, Mac, and PC mode?

The Advantage360 Pro has done away with what were previously known as Thumb Key Modes as they made programming the keyboard inherently more complicated. You can still customize the thumb keys in each of the different layers to whichever modifiers suit your preferences.

How do I remap a key?

The Advantage360 Pro does not support onboard programming and is designed for power-users only. To customize the keyboard layout it is necessary to edit the keyboard configuration files on the GitHub platform or using the Keymap Editor GUI, and then flash the firmware. Please consult the User Manual for step-by-step directions.

If onboard programming is an important feature for you, please contact Kinesis to see about exchanging your 360 Pro for the Smarset model.

How do I create a macro?

The Advantage360 Pro does not support onboard programming and is designed for power-users only. To customize the keyboard layout it is necessary to edit the keyboard configuration files on the GitHub platform or using the Keymap Editor GUI, and then flash the firmware on each side of the keyboard. Please consult the User Manual for step-by-step directions.

If onboard programming is an important feature for you, please contact Kinesis to see about exchanging your 360 Pro for the Smarset model.

How do I update my keyboard after making changes on GitHub?

Each time you update your keymap with new remaps or macros or use the Keymap Editor GUI , you will need to download a new set of left and right firmware files from GitHub and flash them to the corresponding keyboard module. Please consult the User Manual for step-by-step directions.

Note: If you are moving from one Branch to another (i.e., between v1.0, v2.0, or v3.0), you will also need to perform a Settings Reset as well.

How should I clean my keyboard?

Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning should be performed regularly by using compressed air to remove any loose debris in the key wells.

Deep Cleaning

A more thorough cleaning is possible, but take care not to damage the keyboard by getting it wet or forcing off the keycaps. Unplug the keyboard and remove all the individual keycaps to gain access to the keywell, which can collect lots of dirt after time. Use the included keycap removal tool and grab two sides of the keycap and pull straight up. If you do not have a keycap removal tool you can purchase one on Amazon or use two paperclips bent into the shape of a “J”.

  • Soak the loose keycaps in warm soapy water lightly scrub to remove any gunk. Rinse the keycaps and let them thoroughly dry.
  • Use compressed air to remove any loose debris in the key wells and use cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol to remove gunk.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and a small amout rubbing alcohol to clean the outer plastic keyboard case.

Do not reconnect the keyboard to your PC until it is thoroughly dry.

Where are the media keys?

There are no multimedia keys in the default Advantage 360 layout but you can add any number of media actions to any key in any layer via GitHub. Please consult the User Manual for step-by-step directions.

View the full list of supported actions here:

Tip: Use the consumer media tokens that start with “C_” instead of the keyboard tokens that start with “K_”. Note that not all actions are supported on all operating systems.

How do I get F13-F24 to work?

At present, there is no simulatenous support for NKRO and F13-F24. If you wish to use the F13-F24 actions you will need to first disable NKRO in your build on GitHub.

  1. Navigtate to Code>config>boards/arm/adv360
  2. Open both adv360_left_defconfig a adv360_right_defconfig
  4. Click commit changes and flash new firmware


If your Advantage360 Professional is not working as expected, you have several options.

Step 1: Reference the FAQs above and the Troubleshooting Tips at right for targeted tips.

Step 2: Perform a Settings Reset using the 3.0 file and install the newest version of “Default” or “Test” Firmware (files available below).

  • If your issue is related to “wireless pairing” (i.e., Keyboard-to-PC) try re-connecting the keyboard to the desired host device pursuant to Section 5.7 of the User’s Manual (downloadable above).
  • If your issue is related “wireless syncing” (i.e., Left Module-to-Right Module) try power-cycling the modules or perform Step 2 again until a proper “sync” between the modules is established.

Step 3: Talk to some power users on the ZMK Discord and or post a new Issue to Github.

Step 4: If you still need help, use the link at the bottom of the page to submit a Trouble Ticket to Kinesis.

Please note: The Advantage360 keyboard uses the open-source ZMK engine and is NOT designed for novice users. Kinesis Technical Support can help point you in the right direction and provide written documentation, but we cannot provide individualized ZMK training and programming help. 


Keyboard won't connect to Mac login screen

We have confirmed there is an issue with Pro keyboards running the latest 3.0 firmware which prevents the keyboard from re-pairing with macOS 13.x.x Ventura machines until AFTER log-on following a cold boot or restart.

Preliminary testing indicates the problem be fixed by deleting line 52 (“Privacy”) from the left Def Config file on Github and then and reflashing your firmware with the new build.

More info on this solution:

Follow the issue here:

General Bluetooth Connectivity, Pairing, Syncing Issues?

The Advantage360 Professional users Bluetooth Low Energy  (“BLE”) wireless connectivity technology between the left and right modules, and the left module and the host device. Compared to “Classic Bluetooth”, Bluetooth Low Energy is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range. All major mobile and desktop operating systems natively support Bluetooth Low Energy, but desktop performance for BLE tends to lag behind Classic Bluetooth presently.

Some users have reported issues connecting (or staying connected) to their PC (especially Macs). Bluetooth can be quirky and ZMK is improving but not perfect. Some issues can be exacerbated by bad practices and environmental variables. Defective hardware is possible but rare.

If you are having difficulty, the first step is to install any O/S updates, updates any/all Bluetooth/networking drivers, and restart your machine. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the connection and re-pairing the keyboard to the host device from scratch. Deleting the connection is a two step process that involves 1) Clearing the connection for the desired Profile (1-5) ON THE KEYBOARD using the Mod + Windows command and 2) Forgeting/Removing the connection for the keyboard ON THE PC.

If you are using Bluetooth drivers are implemented differently on each O/S. If you are having trouble with your connection we recommend experimenting with a 3rd party Bluetooth dongle that can connect to your PC. We recommended the TP Link UB4A (Available from Amazon).

As of July 6, 2023 we have just launched a new production firmware version 3.0 that should improve issues for many users. If you are having these problems please visit GitHub and install the “V3.0” branch of firmware. Version 3.0 has introduced changes into the keymap files that causes merge conflicts for people updating with custom keymaps. Follow the instructions here to resolve those. Or you can re-fork the Repo and rebuild your layout from scratch on the new V3.0 branch

If the V3.0 branch of firmware has not addressed your issues, scroll down the page and try installing the “Adv360 Pro V3.2 Beta Direct Advertising (9-12-23)” firmware files and report back to us.

If issues are still present, please submit an “Issue” on GitHub and/or submit a trouble ticket directly to Kinesis.

Contact a Technician


Trouble installing Pro firmware on macOS Ventura

12/15/22 Update: Apple has solved the problem on macOS Ventura v13.1. So if you update to 13.1 you can simply copy/paste firmware files directly to the drive.

MacOS 13.0 (Ventura) may report an error code 100093 when copying firmware files onto the virtual flash drives of both the Advantage360 Pro via the conventional Finder application.  You can work around it by copying on the standard command line via Terminal,  using a third party file manager, or installing the fimrware while the keyboard is connected to another PC.

Steps for transferring files via the Terminal Application

  1. Connect keyboard’s bootloader/drive to the Mac
  2. Right-click the appropriate firmware file you wish to install (left or right) and select “Copy” to grab the file path
  3. Open “Terminal” (you can search for it via Command + Space to launch Spotlight Search)
  4. Type “rsync” into command line
  5. Then paste the file path for the firmware file you copied in step 2
  6. Then type /Volumes/ADV360PRO/
  7. Hit enter to initiate the file transfer. Note: Terminal will still generate the error but the firmwar will still be installed.
  8. Repeat the process for the other key module.
Trouble charging, Bootloader opening, firmware file transfer

Try rotating the USB-C cable 180 degrees to get different contact points.

When the battery dies, like all batteries it may need to charge for a short period before the keyboard starts responding. Please connect the keyboard to power and leave it for 30 minutes.

My indicator LEDs are all stuck on

Performing the battery status command using both hotkeys 2 and 4 at the same time can cause all 6 indicator LEDs to become stuck on.

Quick Fix: If this happens, simply power cycling both modules should restore normal functionality.

Slow Fix: If power-cycling does not resolve the issue, then you will need to install the Flash Erase Settings Reset File on both modules. Then use a paperclip to manually open the bootloader drive on each module, and then reinstall firmware.

Firmware Installation Instructions

My GitHub build is failing...

Unfortunately Kinesis is not able to troubleshoot custom firmware builds, but here are some common problems we’ve heard about:

  • You have an incomplete key binding
  • You have an empty macro
  • You have a feature that is not supported in the Kinesis branch of ZMK (Try upgrading to the last branch after performing the appropriate Settings Reset)

Tip: The best bet to troubleshoot a failed build is to revert all the way back to the default layout, and then add each change incrementally and run a build to identify exactly where the failure is occurring.


Drive/Bootloader Issue

If your bootloader/virtual drive isn’t mounting properly, trying rotating your USB-C cable 180 degrees or try the other cable.

Keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters

Check the new Layer LEDs to see if you have inadvertently toggled into the Keypad Layer. If the Layer LED is off then you are in the Base Layer, if its white then you are in the Keypad Layer, if its Blue then you are in the new Fn Layer (where the F1-F12 keys reside). If the Layer LED is white then tap the Kp key once to toggle out the Keypad Layer. If the Layer LED is Blue you are temporarily “stuck” in the Fn layer. Press both of the new Fn “pinky” keys simultaneously to toggle back to the Base Layer.

Keyboard is non-responsive
  1. Connect both module to a PC via the included cables to see if you simply have a dead battery or a more serious problem. When the battery dies, like all batteries it may need to charge for a short period before the keyboard starts responding. Please connect the keyboard to power and leave it for 30 minutes.. If the keyboard works over USB than you may just need to charge the battery (each module has its own rechargeable battery…).
  2. If the batteries are charged and the keyboard is still having problems you can use a paper clip to to depress the Reset Button once to reset each module.
  3. If that doesn’t work you can try re-installing a new copy of the latest factory firmware available direct from Kinesis here.

If that doesn’t work, install the the appropriate settings-reset.uf2 file available below. The keyboard will be disabled in this mode but you can reopen the bootloader and trying installing your firmware again from a blank slate.


Keyboard is not sending key strokes to the correct device

The keyboard will always send keystrokes to whichever computer the left module is plugged into, regardless of profile or pairing status. If you want to send key strokes to a device wirelessly, the keyboard must not be connected to any other computer via the charging cable.

My computer doesn't have Bluetooth

If your computer doesn’t have native support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices you have several options:

  1. Connect the Left Module to your PC using the included charging cable and use the Pro exclusively as a “wired” keyboard. You will still need to plug in the right module to your PC periodically to charge the battery, but otherwise you will have full functionality.
  2. Purchase a 3rd party Bluetooth dongle that can connect to your PC. Finding a dongle that will work well with your PC and our keyboard can be tricky but we recommended the TP Link UB4A (Available from Amazon).
  3. Return the Pro and get the base model Advantage360 which is optimized for a wired USB connection.
Right Side LEDs are flashing Red

When all three of the right module LEDs are flashing Red is means the right module cannot locate the left module. That could be because the Left module is Off, has a dead battery, or is out of range.

But sometimes the left and right side can just temporarily lose touch with each other. If this happens, the quickest fix is to disconnect both modules from your PC and use the On/Off switch power cycle both modules, starting with the Left module. If that does not work, you can force the modules to sync by powering them up simultaneously via the On/Off switches.

In some instances, it may be necessary to manually re-sync the modules.

  1. Install the appriopriate Settings Reset file
  2. Flash new firmware on both modules and ensure neither module goes to sleep. The modules will automatically find each other after firmware installation if they are awake and in range.
  3. If problems persist, install both 2.0 and 3.0 Settings Reset files on each module, and then flash firmware again.
Backlighting is flickering?

Certain users may perceive a subtle flicker in the backlight at lower intensity levels. Try using the combination Mod + Arrow Up to increase the brightness until the flicker goes away. If that doesn’t work, you can manually edit the configuration files on Github to change the brightness settings. See Section 5.4 in the User Manual for detailed instructions.


Trouble Pairing: Profile LED is flashing slowly

When the Profile LED flashes slowly it means that the keyboard has stored a bluetooth connection for the active Profile (1-5), but that particular PC is not in range. Check that PC and confirm that it is powered on and bluetooth is enabled. If that doesn’t work, you should remove the keyboard from the device in it’s bluetooth menu AND then use the bluetooth clear command on the keyboard (Mod + Windows) and try re-pairing from scratch.

If you are trying to pair a new device, use the shortcuts Mod + 1/2/3/4/5 to load one of the other 5 “Profiles”. Each Profile can only be paired with a single device at a time.

Trouble Pairing: Profile LED is flashing rapidly

When the Profile LED is flashing rapidly it means the keyboard has not been paired over bluetooth in the active Profile (1-5), but is currently “discoverable”. Toggle to a different Profile (Mod + 1-5) to re-establish the connection with another device or simply pair the keyboard from your bluetooth enabled device.

Trouble Pairing: Won't reconnect to previously paired device

If you are having difficulty connecting or reconnecting to a previous paired device, please follow these steps:

  1. Use the Bluetooth Clear command (Mod + Windows Key) to forget any previously paired devices associated with the active Profile
  2. Visit your PC’s Bluetooth menu and forget/remove any previous connections to the “Adv360Pro”

Once you’ve cleared the connection both at the keyboard and PC level, try pairing again from scratch.

My drive is not mounting

First, make sure you have the desired module connected to the PC as the drive cannot mount wirelessly. There are 2 ways to mount the drive:

  1. Quickly double-clicking the Reset Button using a paper click.
  2. Using the short-cuts Mod + HK1 and Mod + HK3 for the left and right module respectively.

Note: Some operating systems are very restrictive when it comes to removable storage drives (e.g., macOS) so check your PC settings to support pasting files to such a drive.

You can also trying rotating the USB-C end of the cable 180 degrees as it connects to the keyboard.


Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock not working

Not all operating systems support sending this status over Bluetooth, sorry!

Dual-boot systems

Unforunately because of the way the keyboard “registers” itself with the host-PC, it is not possible to pair the keyboard with both operating systems in a dual-boot environment, regardless of Profile selection.e

The best workaround is using one O/S wired and the other O/S over bluetooth.

Battery life and charging

Based on real-word usage, you should see the following life-expectancies but these can vary based on how many hours a day you are using the keyboard:

  • Backlighting enabled: 3-4 weeks on a full charge
  • Backlighting disabled: 6-8 weeks on a full charge

If you are getting significantly less than the above times, please leave the keyboard plugged in over night and then perform the Battery Status Command (Mod + HK4) the next morning. If the indicator LEDs don’t illuminate Green please submit a Trouble Ticket to Kinesis.

I'm getting a random = Key or the Fn LED

This problem was addressed in PR 114. Please re-sync your fork and trigger a new build.

If you still have the problem, please try downloading the 3-9-23 Factory Default Firmware in the “Firmware Updates” section below, and try again.

If you still have the problem, please submit a trouble ticket.

Custom Programming

To get started programming your Advantage360 Pro you’ll need to set up an account with GitHub, a 3rd party open-source hosting site.

  1. Set up a new account or log in.
  2. Search for the official “Adv360-Pro-ZMK” Repository and “Fork” it.
  3. Enable “Workflows” from the “Actions” tab.
  4. From the “config” folder in the “Code” tab, you customize your keyboard by editing the various configuration files. Consult the User Manual above for step-by-step instructions and proceed with caution.
    1. Customize Layout: “adv360.keymap”
    2. Write/Edit Macros: “macros.dtsi”
    3. Adjust Lighting: “adv360_left_deconfig” and “adv360_right_deconfig”(>boards/arm/adv360)
  5. Once you are finished editing, click “Commit Changes” to trigger a build, download the new firmware files from the Actions tab, and flash them to your keyboard.

Graphical Keymap Editor

The Advantage360 Pro GUI leverages an open-source, web-based application designed by Nick Coutsos. Add layers, customize actions, and configure basic macros. Log in to GitHub, choose your personal “Repo” and the desired firmware “Branch” and customize away. Once you are finished, click the “Commit Changes” to tell GitHub to build your own custom firmware files. And then follow the instructions below to flash your new firmware onto each keyboard module.

Adv360 Pro GUI

Visit the Pro GUI

Note: Not all features may be supported in the GUI.


Firmware and Settings Reset Files

Your  Advantage360 Pro has been programed with the latest version of firmware as of its factory build date. But updates to fix bugs and add new features are being released regularly. You can customize firmware from GitHub or access “Factory Default” firmware from this page.

The firmware update process on the 360 Pro  is very different from other Kinesis keyboards. And on the Advantage360 Pro you must install new ZMK firmware anytime you want to customize your keyboard layout or settings since there is no onboard programming functionality. First you need to “trigger” a build on GitHub, then download the appropriate left and right side file and follow the steps in the guide below to install your custom firwmare on each module. Consult the User Manual above for additional details and proceed with caution.

Step-by-Step Advantage360 Professional (ZMK) Firmware Installation Instructions




Settings Reset: If you are having trouble with your keyboard you can perform a “Settings Reset” to return the keyboard to its native state, and then install a fresh copy of firmware. A Settings Reset can also be used to re-establish a fresh connection between the Left and Right modules.

Note: Each MAJOR version of firmware release has its own Settings Reset file. If you are upgrading or downgrading between MAJOR branches (i.e., 2.0 to 3.0, or 3.0 to 2.0) you will need to flash BOTH VERSIONs of the Settings Reset on each of the modules BEFORE installing the desired firmware.  Follow the instructions in the guide at left to “flash” the settings-reset.uf2 file on BOTH the left and right “ADV360PRO” drives. Note: The keyboard will be disabled once reset until new firmware is installed

Factory Default Firmware: If you are having trouble with your keyboard it may be useful to reinstall the latest version of factory firmware. Choose one of the versions below and follow the installation instructions at left. A Settings Reset may be required.

Flash Erase: If you wish to erase the memory on your keyboard, please flash this file onto the bootloader for each key modules. Download the file below and follow the instructions in the guide at left but “flash” the file on BOTH the left and right “ADV360PRO” drives. Note: The bootloader drive will need to be mounted using a paper clip to install fresh firmware.


Advantage360 Keyboards are sold with a THREE YEAR limited warranty

Submit a Trouble Ticket

Not finding your answer?

Submit a trouble ticket and a support technician will respond to you in a timely manner.

We are happy to issue a Return Merchandise Authorization for confirmed hardware defects but before we do so we will need to run through a series of troubleshooting steps with you and we may require that you install the latest version of firmware.

Please note: The Advantage360 keyboard uses the open-source ZMK engine and is not designed for novice users. Kinesis Technical Support can help point you in the right direction and provide written documentation, but we cannot provide individualized ZMK training and custom programming help. 


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