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This guide will help you get up and running on the Freestyle Pro. Because the Pro features a standard layout, adaption time is minimal. Incredible comfort and enhanced productivity are right around the corner.


Models: KB900-BRN | KB900-RDQ

What's in the Box

Freestyle Pro keyboard

Mac & PC Mode Keycaps

Keycap Puller

Connecting your
Freestyle Pro

Your Freestyle Pro keyboard is 100% plug-and-play

Simply connect the USB cable to any available full-size port on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome PC. Your computer will automatically recognize and “install” the keyboard in a matter of seconds.  There are no special drivers or software to install.

*For best results, we recommend connecting the keyboard directly to your PC rather than through a hub, dock, or KVM switch.

QWERTY or Dvorak? Windows or Mac?

The Freestyle Pro has 3 pre-configured layouts for your convenience. Tap the “Layout” key to toggle between them. All three of these layouts can be customized to meet your exact needs and there are 6 other layouts that can be configured separately.

  • Layout 1 (Left Layout LED illuminated): This is your basic QWERTY Windows layout.
  • Layout 2 (Right Layout LED illuminated): This is your QWERTY Mac layout. Install the 4 Mac keycaps so the legends match the actions.
  • Layout 3 (Right and Left Layout LEDs illuminated): This is a Dvorak Windows layout. Rearrange the keycaps if desired.

SmartSet Key  

Get to know the small key with the gear icon (the SmartSet key) in the Programming Cluster. This powerful little key is used in combination with other keys to unlock a variety of programming commands. See the User’s Manual for a full list of shortcut onboard shortcuts.

Want to disable all programming commands?

Use the shortcut Smartset + Shift + L to lock (and unlock) all onboard programming commands to prevent accidental re-programming.

Installing Optional Accessories

Palm Supports

For added wrist support and enhanced comfort, connect the detachable palm supports. Peel the backing off the adhesive pads and apply to the palm supports underneath your palms. Pads are designed to last 6-12 months and then be replaced.


Add one of our popular tenting accessories (3 adjustable heights) to your Freestyle Pro reduce harmful forearm pronation. Choose the VIP3 Pro for tenting with palm supports, or choose the V3 Pro for tenting without palm supports.


Get to know your Freestyle Pro

Standard layout makes adaptation easy

Thanks to its conventional tenkeyless layout, the Freestyle Pro is easy to adapt to and does not require “re-learning” to type. Most new users are up to full-speed in a matter of days, if not sooner.

All the alphanumeric keys are in conventional locations, editing keys have been consolidated into a convenient column on the right to keep the layout compact, and the numeric 10-key has been moved to the embedded layer for access via the “Fn” key. Programmable hotkeys were added to the left module to reduce awkward key combinations.

If the Freestyle Pro is your first split keyboard, we recommend that you start typing with the modules pushed together. As you get more comfortable, slowly separate and/or rotate the modules to achieve a more neutral wrist angle to reduce ulnar deviation.

If you need more than 12″ of separation, flip the keyboard over and release some of the stored extra cable. The Pro supports up to 21.5″ of separation for broad-shouldered individuals.

Additional Ergonomic Resources

Not a cure for pre-existing injuries

If you currently have an injury to your hands or arms, or have had such an injury in the past, it is important that you have realistic expectations of your keyboard.

The unique split-adjustable design of Freestyle Pro is intended to reduce the physical stress that all keyboard users experience by allowing the keyboard to adjust to your body type, but ergonomic keyboards are not medical treatments, and no keyboard can be guaranteed to cure symptoms or prevent injuries.

Your physical trauma has built up over months or years, and it may take weeks before you notice a difference. It is normal to feel some new fatigue or discomfort as you adapt to your Kinesis keyboard.

Always consult your health care professional if you notice discomfort or other physical problems when you use your computer. If any information provided by Kinesis contradicts the advice you have received from a health care professional, please follow your health care professional’s instructions.

Conventional Keyboard Risk Factors

Getting started with tenting

For best results, start at the lowest tenting height and work your way up until you find the sweet spot for your body

V3 Pro Installation

VIP3 Pro Installation

You're Ready to Type!


Familiarize yourself with the basic layout of the Freestyle Pro. Some keys have moved slightly but you’ll find that all the alphanumeric keys are exactly where you would expect to find them on a tenkeyless keyboard.

Fn Layer

The Freestyle Pro is a dual-layer keyboard meaning each key can perform two distinct actions. Tap the “Fn” key to toggle on the “embedded” Fn Layer to access the numeric 10-key and multimedia keys (legended in blue).

The Fn LED in the upper right corner of the keyboard will illuminate to indicate that the Fn Layer is active.

Consider a Kinesis Mechancial Dedicated Keypad

For those of you that extensively use a 10-key, you may want to consider purchasing our Mechanical Keypad which utilizes Cherry MX Brown low-force, tactile key switches and includes a 2-port USB Hub.

Customizing your Layout


The Freestyle Pro is a fully-programmable keyboard so if certain keys in the default layout aren’t positioned optimally for your workflow or typing style, its easy to move them.

To remap a key, simply tap the small “Remap” button in the Programming Cluster to enter remap mode. First select the source key action on the keyboard, and then the physical destination key. Remaps only work in one direction so if you want to “swap” two keys, you’ll need to perform two separate remap operations. Use the Fn key to remap between the keyboard’s layers.


A macro is a sequence of characters or key actions that are trigged by a single key press. Macros are powerful productivity tools that allow users to save time and eliminate repetitive key strokes.

To record a macro, simply tap the “Macro” button in the Programming Cluster to enter macro mode. First select the desired trigger key (can use a modifier key as “co-trigger”). Then type out your macro content (up to 300 characters). When you’ve finished recording your macro, tap the SmartSet key to exit. *Note: All keystrokes are logged, but the timing is not.

Use the SmartSet App for more advanced programming

SmartSet App    

The SmartSet App is powerful graphical application designed to make it easier to customize the keyboard’s layout, create/edit complex macros, and adjust keyboard settings. Unlike conventional keyboard software, the SmartSet App doesn’t get installed on your computer, it runs directly from the Freestyle Pro’s onboard memory called the v-Drive.

Use the onboard shortcut “SmartSet + F8” to open the v-Drive. Windows and Mac versions of the App are pre-loaded on the keyboard but newer versions may be available for download.

More Information on the SmartSet App



How do I switch to Mac mode?

Tap the layout key once to load Layout 2, the Mac Layout, to the keyboard. The right Layout LED is illuminated when Layout 2 is active. Be sure to install the 4 extra Mac keycaps so the legends match the actions.

How do I reset my keyboard's layout and settings?

Soft Reset
Press Program + Shift then tap F12 (lights flash) to reset the active layout file by erasing all remaps and macros and restoring it to Windows mode.

Hard Reset
Press and hold Program + F12 while plugging the keyboard in (hold until the lights flash and release) to erase all remaps and macros from all nine layouts and reset keyboard settings to the factory default.

*Note: If you perform a reset you will have to use the SmartSet App to restore the default hotkey actions as well as the Mac and Dvorak configurations for Layouts 2 and 3.

How do I remap a key?

You can remap a key using the onboard shortcut or the SmartSet App.

Onboard Remapping

  1. Tap the Remap key (light will begin flashing rapidly).
  2. Tap the “source” key action you want to copy (light will slow down).
  3. Tap the “destination” key where you want to assign the copied action (light goes off)

Note: Remapping is a one-way process, to swap key actions you must perform two separate remap actions.

SmartSet App

Open the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8). Navigate to the “FS Pro” removable drive in File Explorer and launch either Windows or Mac version of the App. Select the desired key in App and either tap the key action on the keyboard or select from a list of Special Actions using the button at the top of the Programming menu.

How do I create a macro?

A macro is a sequence of key strokes that can be stored in your keyboard and played back with click of a single trigger key or key combination. You can record a macro on-the-fly using the onboard shortcut and assign it to any key or you can build a macro using SmartSet App.

Onboard Macro Recording

  1. Tap the macro key to enter Program Macro Mode (lights will begin flashing rapidly).
  2. Select your trigger key with or without a modifier co-trigger (lights will lights will flash slowly).
  3. Then type your macro content on the keyboard and tap SmartSet when the macro is complete.

Note: Every keystroke is recorded so if you make a mistake, we recommend restarting the macro or using the SmartSet App to edit it.

SmartSet App

Open the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8). Navigate to the “FS Pro” removable drive in File Explorer and launch either Windows or Mac version of the App. Select the desired key in App and the use the Macro Editor to type out your macro, customize the playback speed, and assign up to two co-triggers.

How do I access the 10-Key?

To keep the footprint of the Freestyle Pro as small as possible, we have relocated the standard numeric 10-key into the embedded “Fn” layer. To access these actions simply tap the Fn key (lower left corner) to toggle to the Fn layer. *Note: Num-lock must be enabled on your PC.

Can I temporarily disable all my macros?

Yes. Press and hold the SmartSet key and tap F9 (lights will flash), and then tap 0 to to disable (but not erase) all macros.

To re-enable macro playback, repeat the command above.

Where are the pop-up feet?

Pop up feet promote harmful wrist extension by causing the wrists to bend up and back to reach the keys. All Kinesis keyboards are designed to have a zero-degree slope and no popup feet to address this damaging posture. Learn More

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